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The second generation of family businesses

Since 1979, our company has a successful business experience and knowledge in the sector of feed raw materials and is having operations under the title A.B Foods Inc. since 2001. Besides local market sales, export sales also take a big portion in the total sales. Especially Europe and Middle East countries are the most important external markets for our company

Our Company


Our eggshell production factory began operations in 2000 with two egg barns, and capacity was quickly increased in the following years after the completion of chick feeding barns, egg cages, and cooling warehouses.


In recent years, the use of shelled eggs has been banned in all types of production facilities by health institutions in advanced countries. The use of eggs suitable for food safety standards in our country’s food sector has been encouraged. Our factory started producing pasteurized eggs in the Bandirma-Aksakal region as well, processing manufactured products under sanitary conditions in 2002.


STPP is an important raw material in the detergent and ceramics sector, and food grade and technical-grade
phosphoric acid. The egg tray production factory, organic fertilizer production factory, and egg powder production factory are the new investments of AB Foods Inc. Our company is on its way to maintaining a steady growth rate with these investments.


Our Team

At the heart of our success is a  talented team dedicated to driving innovation and excellence. Each member brings unique skills, passion, and years of experience that support our mission. From visionary leaders guiding our strategic direction to skilled professionals collaborating behind the scenes, our team is the driving force propelling us toward success.

Our Mission

Ouis to pursue global developments and innovations, to practice the best options, to respect the environment and human health, to be the leading firm in the sector with the principle of reliability

Our Vision

is to be the leader of our field in our trust oriented activities by adding more added value to the raw material supply with each passing day, and to be an role model in the sector with corporate applications and development process

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