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Pasteurized Eggs

Eggs, in their healthy, hygienic, and convenient form, are produced exclusively on our farms. The eggs we produce on our own farms are cracked without human touch in our state-of-the-art facilities

They are then passed through specialized cleaning separators, homogenized, and subjected to a special pasteurization process.

Throughout these stages, all harmful microorganisms are eliminated without altering the natural structure and nutritional value of the eggs

Does not Contain Hormones and Antibiotics

The eggs produced for pasteurized eggs are manufactured in highly modern, hygienic egg farms under the supervision of our veterinarians. These eggs are produced without the use of any antibiotics or hormones

Hygienic and Safe Transportation

The produced eggs are packaged without human touch through automatic egg collection belts and are then transported to the pasteurized egg production facilities

In recent years, the ban on the use of shell eggs in all types of establishments by health authorities in advanced countries has also emphasized the importance of using eggs in our country’s food sector in compliance with hygiene standards

In 2002, in addition to our feed factory and egg production facilities, the AB Food Pasteurized Egg Plant, located in the Aksakal area of Bandırma district in Balıkesir province, started its operations. It serves the industrial-scale egg needs of Turkey’s mayonnaise, cake, and pastry sector

Shelled Eggs

Egg production is carried out in our closed system poultry houses, which meet international standards, under computer control.


The eggs produced are collected within the poultry house through automatic egg collection belts without human intervention and are transported to our cold storage room.

In the cold storage room, the eggs are packaged in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex Egg and Egg Products Regulation, specifically for table egg consumption. Distribution is carried out through our marketing network

Egg Powder

Egg powder is the product obtained by breaking shell eggs in a hygienic special automatic breaking machine, separating the yolk and the egg white, and subjecting them to a drying process in spray dryers. Egg powder offers the advantage of storage and a shelf life of at least 12 months. Egg powder can be diluted with water in specific proportions to obtain liquid eggs ready for use

Common uses of all types of egg powder:

Pastry products,  bread products, cakes, muffins, pizza dough, and instant soup mixes

Uses of egg white powder:

Chocolate and confectionery, chocolate spreads, nut spreads, meringues, bodybuilding and health products

Uses of egg yolk powder:

Pastry products, bread products, cakes, meals, biscuits, mayonnaise, wafers, ice cream

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