Our Social Responsibilities

Quality and Environment Management System principles/fundamentals being applied in A.B Foods Inc. plants have been indicated as below and adopted by our company:

•To keep customer satisfaction at high level

•To care production in healthy and hygienic

•To aim production of reliable products

•To reach quality through a team work with all our personnel

•To increase Quality and Environment consciousness continously and provide it be reflected on our activities

•To minimize environmental damages/pollution and decrease continously

•To comply with all legal provisions and conditions related to environment and our activities and provide continuity


Our company contributes to the environmental consciousness in the area where the plants are built. In the stage of establishment, necessary studies have been completed appropriate to CED (Environmental Effects Evaluation) and a CED report has been delivered to our company.

Furthermore, within the meaning of Environment Law No. 2872, all the factors that may ruin the quality of air have been avoided by our company in accordance with the provisions relate dto air quality protection.

During the production, no waste is disposed to the environment and recycling process has been provided. For example, Lick packages we use for packaging our pasteurized egg products are calcium carbonate origin packages friendly to the environment made of egg shells and can dissolve in the nature rapidly. With the concern to greening of our environment, several trees are being planted in the surroundings of our plants.

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