About Us

Since 1979, our company has a successful business experience and knowledge in the sector of feed raw materials and is having operations under the title A.B Foods Inc. since 2001. Besides local market sales, export sales also take a big portion in the total sales. Especially Europe and Middle East countries are the most important external markets for our company.

Ab GıdaOur Shelled Egg Production Plant has begun operation in 2000 with two egg coops and capacity has been rapidly increased in the following years after the completion of chick feeding coops, egg coops and cold storages.

In 2004, by reason of the increased poultry capacity, our feed factory in Bandirma has been moved to new modern, computer controlled plants in Manyas-Yenikoy. Our company keeps a steady and strong growth trend in egg production through the new egg coops and chick feeding coop projects.

In recent years, as the usage of shelled egg has been forbidden in all kind of production plants by health institutions in developed countries, usage of eggs appropriate to the hygiene standards in food sector has been encouraged in our country. Pasteurized Egg Produciton Plant in Bandirma-Aksakal region has started to process products produced in hygienic conditions in 2002.

STPP which is an important raw material in detergent and ceramic sector, food grade and technical grade phosphoric acid, egg tray production plant, organic fertilizer plant and egg powder production plant are the new investments of A.B Foods Inc. Our company is on her way to keep a constant growing rate together with these investments.


Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue global developments and innovations, to practice the best options, to respect the environment and human health, to be the leading firm in the sector with the principle of reliability.

Our Vission

Our Vision; is to be the leader of our field in our trust-oriented activities by adding more added value to the raw material supply with each passing day, and to be an role model in the sector with corporate applications and development process.

Secret Of Our Success

Providing its quality to its customers at high standards, A.b food embraces the companies undertaking their supply processes and directs its partners to the success with fast, appropriate and advantageous conditions.

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