Complex C

Shelled Egg Production Plant

In shelled egg production plant having operations at Manyas-Yenikoy, there are egg coops, chick feeding coops, control laboratories, cold storage houses. Location of our plant is selected carefully and there is no industrial plant around the area. Our plant is 10 km away from the main road and surrounded by green lands and cultivated fields. The yearly production capacity is 150.000.000 units of shelled eggs per year. Produced eggs are stored in present cold storage houses.

Feed Production Plant

Feed production plant meets the feed requirement of our shelled egg production plant with a capacity of 75.000 tons per year and besides feed is being sold to local market

Organic Fertilizer Production Plant

Organic fertilizer is used as a regulatory in soil in order to increase efficiency in agriculture. Our plant in Yenikoy produces organic fertilizer and has a capacity of 36.000 tons per year.


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