Slaked Lime

Hydrated Lime, also known as slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), is obtained by slaking quicklime with water. Hydrated Lime is a practical and efficient product that is available in both liquid and powder forms and can be used for various purposes. This process is also referred to as ‘slaking

Usage Areas: Lime, which is used in construction and soil remediation, is used in various chemical processes. It is used in the production of calcium hypochlorite by the reaction of slaked lime and chlorine gas, in the refinement of citric acid, in the production of various chemicals through the reaction of lime with organic or inorganic acids, as a neutralizer in the production of chromium chemicals, in the production of ethylene or propylene glycol, in the concentration of glucose and dextrin, and as an adsorbent and desiccant in various chemical processes.  For Gas Emission Control: It is used in gas emission control, including the removal of sulfur oxides (SO2, SO3) from flue gas through wet and dry desulfurization methods, the removal of hydrogen chloride (HCl) formed during the incineration of municipal waste, and the reduction of certain heavy metals in flue gas when used in conjunction with activated carbon


Drinking Water Treatment: It is used in drinking water treatment for the removal of carbonate hardness, the elimination of hardness other than carbonate hardness in the lime/soda process, neutralization of acidic water, precipitation of solid particles in water when used in conjunction with aluminum and iron salts, raising the pH level of water, and eliminating certain bacteria and viruses in the water.

Wastewater Treatment: It is utilized in wastewater treatment for the purification of domestic wastewater, the precipitation of solid materials when used with aluminum and iron salts, the removal of phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, neutralizing acidic industrial wastewater, precipitating metal ions such as iron and chromium, and clarifying process water in sugar beet factories.

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