Slaked Lime

Slaked Lime (calcium hydroxide) is obtained by slaking unslaked Lime with water. Being in fluid and dust form slacked lime is practical and efficient product which may be used for many purposes. This process is also called as “slaking”.

Areas of Usage; Lime product can be used for Construction, slaked product used for soil stabilization, Mining, Copper, Lead, Iron, Paper Industry, Alcohol, Chemicals, Slaked Lime and Calcium Hypo Chloride with reaction of chlorine gas;
Refining of Citric acid, production of various chemicals in result of reaction of lime with organic or inorganic acids, production of chrome chemicals as neutralizer, production of ethylene or propylene glycolyne, concentration of glucose and dextrine and in many chemical processes as adsorbent and desiccant.

Stack Gas Refining;  Staked Lime is used in cleaning of sulphur oxides (SO2, 2O3) in stack gas with wet and dry desulphurization method, cleaning of HCI forming in stack gas by burning domestic wastes and in reduction of some heavy metals in stack gas with activated carbons.

Potable Water Treatment; Staked Lime is used in fulfilling carbonate hardness, fulfilling hardness other than carbonate hardness in lime/soda process, in neutralizing acidic water, precipitating solid particles in water with aluminium and iron salt and in removing bacteria and some viruses in water by increasing Ph value of water.

Waste Water Treatment; Slaked Lime is used in purifying domestic waste water, in precipitating solid particles in water with aluminium and iron salt, in fulfilling phosphorus and nitrogen, neutralizing water containing acid in the industry, in precipitating metal ions such as iron, chrome and in fining process water in beet sugar factories.

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