Unslaked Lime

Supplied Unslaked Lime products producing high quality lime stone from natural reserves, meeting chemical and physical features, and providing high-performance, low-cost, environment-friendly features and advantages.
Unslaked lime products consist of high-calciferous lime stone and dolomitic unslaked lime products.
HIGH-CACDIFEROUS UNSLAKED LIME is made of lime stone containing more than 98% of calcium carbonate.

DOLOMITIC UNSLAKED LIME is made of lime stone containing both calcium and magnesium carbonate mixtures. Both high-performance unslaked lime and dolomitic unslaked lime is obtained by heating lime stone within ovens which are heatable up to 900 degrees. This process is also called as calcination process.

UNSLACKED LIME is pulverized by being grinded in order to mix with additives or other materials. Due to chemical content of some additives, unslaked lime becomes liquid form. Liquidated unslaked lime is ideal to be used with special material transportation systems in order to get optimum fluidity and prevent obstruction.
SLAKED LIME (calcium hydroxide) is obtained by slaking unslaked Lime with water. Slaked Lime is in a fluid and dust form and practical and efficient products which may be used for many purposes. This process is also called as “slaking”.
Unslaked Lime (Calcium Oxide) is used in following industrial applications: Iron & Steel Industry, Stack Gas Refining, Construction Industry, Water Purification, Chemical Processes, Mining Industry, Paper, Pulp and PCC, Waste Water and Purification Sludge and Glass Production.

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