Feed Phosphate Production Plant

Our plant located at 6th km of Bandirma-Balikesir Road is producing DCP 18%P, MDCP 20%P, MDCP 21%P, MCP 22,7%P which is a rich calcium and phosphorus source especially for poultry feed. We are a leading company in local market with a capacity of 72.000 tons per year and contribute to our economy through exports to European and Middle East countries.

STPP Production Plant

Our company as being first in Turkey has started producing STPP (sodyum tripolifosfat), one of the phosphate salts. STPP is mainly used in detergent and ceramic production and our plant has a capacity of 36.000 tons per year.

Food Grade and Technical Grade Phosphoric Acid Production Plant

Food Grade and Technical Grade Phosphoric Acid Production Plant is again a new plant established in Turkey. This plant has a capacity of 21.000 tons per year and includes product shipment section, ancillary section with steam and water systems, laboratory, dining hall and social facilities.

Egg Tray Production Plant

Egg trays produced in our own plant are used for packing of shelled egg products of our company and besides egg trays are also being sold to local market. Together with new investments, current production capacity has raised upto 500.000 packages per year